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    New uses for Biomass

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    Tasmanian Private Forests

    supplying 75% of Tasmania’s wood

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Stakeholder Consultation Opportunity: Tasmanian Forestry Supply and Infrastructure

Australia's forests and forestry glossary

Grant Funding still available for Farmers and Landowners

Northern Tasmania Forestry Hub appoints Australian industry experts

Improving durability to enhance the value of plantation, regrowth and regenerated Eucalptus

Matching corporate investment with potential growers, Tasmania's customised approach to help grow the future

There has never been a better time to plant trees

Good Neighbour Protocol Review

Trees: The Ultimate Renewable

Tasmanian Government releases COVID Safe Workplace Guidelines

The Directory of Tasmanian Forestry Services 2020

FPA Survey

Tasmanian Forest Industry launches COVID-19 Recommended Practices

Tasmanian Forest Industry launches COVID-19 Mental Health and Wellbeing video series

Red Hot Tips for Bushfire Risk

Market for Plantation Grown Wood: Where we're at and where we're going

Rob Smith offers his expertise

Grant Funding - Expression of Interest now open

Forest Safety Code Review - Have your say

Building and protecting Tasmania's forestry sector

Stephen Clarke can help you capitalise on the extensive benefits of trees

Forestry Sector leading the way

Bushfire Royal Commission

COVID-19 impacts the North West

The current situation for private forestry - 15 April

How we can help each other

Five Yearly Review of Private Forests

Time for fuel reduction burns

Draft Export Control Rules 2020

PFT continuing to operate during COVID-19

Extension - Round 2 Landcare Action Grants Program

Tasmanian Forest Safety Code Review Update

Coronavirus - impacts on forestry and agricultural businesses

PFT Welcomes David Monckton

PFT Welcomes Neha Maharesh

2018-19 Annual Report available

Forestry Contractor Resilience Program

Inquiry into supporting Australia's exports and attracting investment

Fire Prevention at Forest Operations

Tasmanian Timber Awards 2019

Coastal Redwood harvest in NW Tasmania

Summary of Private Forestry Forum

Directory of Forest Service Providers

2019 Tasmanian Export Awards

Tasmanian Timber Awards

Good Neighbour Protocol

PFT Welcomes Stephen Clarke

Premier's Trade Mission - Japan

Levy rebate available for 2019 wildfire affected private forest growers

Terms of reference for independent review into 2018-19 bushfires released

Private Forest effected by Bush Fires

Backing our forestry sector in Southern Tasmania

Support for bushfire affected businesses

PFT can facilitate private forest owners effected by bushfire

2018 Primary Wood Processor Directory

Potential opportunity for landowners

Media Release

Agroforestry field day notes & summaries available

New Agroforestry Case studies available

Agroforestry stakeholders look at industry innovation

New Information Sheets

Farm Forestry Toolbox

Planned Burning for Landholders & Farmers

Can I claim a tax deduction?

HELPLINE for Forest Owners

Client Contact Form - "Keeping you Informed"

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Market Opportunities

Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) offers assistance to entities to alert the market of market opportunities or information via publishing these on the PFT website and providing in an email to relevant PFT stakeholders who have consented to receive such information from PFT.

Should you have a ‘Marketing Opportunity’ or information you would like to promote, please provide details in PDF format to admin@pft.tas.gov.au.

Details should include your opportunity, background information, contact details including location, log specifications, phone and email. Please provide these is the format you wish them to be distributed as.

DISCLAIMER: Entities provide potential opportunities for the market, whether they be a business opportunity or information sharing opportunity. PFT includes such opportunities on its web-site for convenience only.  PFT does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness to the entities purpose.   PFT provides no endorsement whatsoever of the Entity or the entities opportunity.  PFT, the Crown, its officers, employees and agent do not accept liability however arising, including liability for negligence, for any loss resulting from the use or reliance upon the information contained in any opportunity PFT posts or disseminates.

80 Year old mixed native timber property - Calder, NW

SFM Forest Products

Wood Based Products

Koppers Wood Products

Forestry tools - Calculators, App's and Programs

These tools are potentially useful to assist landowners, agents and foresters to manage their forests and woodlots.

Tools are described below and a link to their location is provided.

Australia's Forests and Forestry Glossary

A stand-alone publication intended to serve as a comprehensive and authorative reference for the interpretarion and use of forest and forestry terms at the national level in Australia by bringing together a common set of terms with consistent definitions.  Available as both a searchable web version and accessible as a PDF, with a hardcopy booklet to be released at a later date.  Suitable for use by the public, educators, students, government employees and those working in forests, forest management and forestry.

Farm Forestry Toolbox

The Farm Forestry Toolbox is a collection of computer programs (called tools) designed to assist owners and managers of small to medium sized forests to map, measure and manage their estates.  Tools are categorised as HAND tools, POWER tools, EDITORS, and HEALTH tools:

* HAND tools are mostly simple, stand-alone programs;

* POWER tools are sophisticated inter-related programs requiring data from various EDITORS;

* EDITORS change system-wide settings and prepare data for use by the POWER tools; and

* The HEALTH tool is a visual disease identification key for blue gum and radiata pine in southern Australia.

The Farm Forestry Toolbox is FREE to download and use.

Wind Risk Calculator

Private Forests Tasmania has produced ‘Forests and wind risk in Tasmania: a guidebook for foresters, landowners and planners’ and a ‘Wind risk calculator’ to assist in the collation of data and determination of the forest wind risk.

To view the 'Forests and wind risk in Tasmania' guidelines book please CLICK HERE

To view additional information about the Wind Risk Calculator please CLICK HERE

AFORA's Practical Tools

Australian Forest Operations Research Alliance (AFORA) develops practical tools to improve:

* the understanding, management and control of forest operational costs for existing, evolving and new harvest systems;

* the planning and management of value recovery within harvest operations; and

* the application of optimisation to supply chain efficiency planning and management.

In particular;

* the ALPACA tool allows modelling of single forestry machines or entire harvest systems; and

* the Machine Costs tool is a single machine analysis to evaluate the machine’s hourly cost.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the AFORA website for additional information.


DPIWE’s LISTmap is a source of many useful layers to assist foresters, landowners and planners including:

In the PRIMARY INDUSTRIES - FARMING section the Enterprise Suitability – Pinus radiata aims to classify land suitable for growing farm tree species (Eucalyptus nitens and E.globulus will be added).

LISTmap and its basic function are available for FREE.

PFT (Esk Mapping & GIS) Property Planning Mapper and Calculator

A handful of mapping & calculator tools to provide immediate ‘farm planning’ benefit for landowners running small to medium farming and forestry enterprises across Tasmania.

The PFT Property Planning Mapper is available for FREE.

Coming soon .....