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PTR Applications

Private Timber Reserves were created by the Tasmanian Parliament in 1985 to enable landowners to have their land dedicated for long-term forest management. The legislation provides that forestry activities on the land are subject to a single, consistent, state-wide system of planning and regulation through the Forest Practices Act 1985, rather than to variable systems that may be applied under different planning schemes through the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

Private Forests Tasmania processes Private Timber Reserve applications from landowners under a delegation from the Forest Practices Authority.  Landowners interested in applying for a Private Timber Reserve over part or all of their property should contact Private Forests Tasmania for advice and assistance. The current application fee is $535.50 (No GST on application fee).  

You may download information and appropriate forms from the right hand side of screen under the ‘Private Timber Reserves’ tab.

Please phone Diana Hall, Executive Assistant on 03 6777 2720 if you have any queries or email diana.hall@pft.tas.gov.au