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Consultancy services are primarily offered to individual forest owners, farmers and land managers.  These services include but are not limited to; forest practices plans, certificates of compliance, farm forestry and forest management plans including costings and works schedules, supervision and monitoring and diagnosis of pests and diseases.

Forest Practices Plans

A Forest Practices Plan (FPP) describes how forest operations will be undertaken accoring to the Forest Practices Code.  A detailed evaluation is undertaken of natural and cultural values by a Forest Practices Officer (FPO) trained in the provisions of the Forest Practices Act.
Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) provide registered FPO's statewide and are available to prepare legally compliant FPP's on your behalf.
Please contact your nearest PFT office for further advice and assistance in preparing your FPP.

For additional information on FPP's or the Forest Practices Code, please visit the Forest Practices Authority website.