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Market Development for Private Wood

Resourcing Model

To assist project developers and investors in wood processing projects, Private Forests Tasmania has recognised that there is a need for them to know where the privately owned forest based feedstock is concentrated and its availability over time.

The 2012 Resourcing Model provides a quantitative basis for choosing possible plant locations for further evaluation.

Using GIS modelling techniques, it maps Tasmanian privately owned land on a 5 X 5 km grid the minimum wood catchment size at each point required to maintain a nominated annual supply of feedstock for a processing plant with a nominated effective plant life. The model uses conservative and variable assumptions and discounts, with the sustainability of yield being a forefront consideration.

The model demonstrated in this report deals with a set of specific scenarios (the parameters are pulp quality wood from non-industrial private forest owners, a 20 year effective plant life, and a feedstock requirement of 100 000, 150 000 or 200 000 tonnes of green wood per year).

These scenarios only serve to illustrate the methodology’s wider potential.  It can also be used to model other scenarios with quite different variables (e.g. other wood types, processing plant effective lives and annual wood requirements).

Click HERE to view the Private Forest Resourcing Model Report 2012 under our Publications Tab.