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TREELine is Private Forests Tasmania’s quarterly publication.  Each edition contains information relevant for private forest owners and managers, as well as those people wishing to improve their knowledge of the private forestry sector.

The Spring 2009-Summer 2010 issue is the most recent edition.  TREELine is currently out of production until further notice.

Spring 2009 / Summer 2010 (PDF 1.03MB)

Contents: Brian Baxter, Landcare Australia Primary Producer Award 2009, Australian Forest Growers Tree Farmer of the Year 2009, Integrating Trees into the agricultural landscapes.

spring 2009 summer 2010

Winter 2009 (PDF 2.5MB)

Contents:  Ross Henderson - a successful farm forester, Forests and wind risk, PFT Silvicultural Trials - Squeezing the most out of our traditional plantation species, Best Management Practices - we can prove it !

Winter 2009

Summer / Autumn 2009 (PDF 4.4MB)

Contents:  Focus on people, The right people for the job, Firms or organisations with Consulting Forest Practices Officers, Consultant FPO's, Specialised Services, Nurseries, Seed Supplies, Training Providers

Summer Autumn 2009

Spring 2008 (PDF 780.02KB)

Contents:  Celebrations all round at the annual AFG Farm Forestry Dinner, Integrated farm forestry and salinity management, Market opportunities with Ta Ann Tasmania, North West Farm Forestry Dinner, The Good Wood - forestry and carbon, Valuation is neither an art nor a science, a first for Flinders Island.

Spring 2008

Winter 2008 (PDF 824.64KB)

Contents:  Greenhouse, forests and wood, What trees can do to help, Mustering carbon in the back paddock, Plantation and Carbon facts, Wood off the sheep's back, Get your pruned treed certified, Emissions trading scheme, If you go out in the woods today you are in for a big suprise, Harvesting trees and using wood saves Carbon.

Winter 2008

Summer/Autumn 2008 (PDF 1.3MB)

Contents:  Encouraging the use of trees in land management, The symbiosis of forestry and farming, Optimising returns for all parties (or making the most of what you have), Promoting opportunities for competitive markets, Environmental benefits of trees and shrubs across the farm landscape.

Summer Autumn 2008

Spring 2007 (PDF 1.01MB)

Contents:  Welcomes and Farewells, Pesticides, Alternatives to 1080, Local government rates, MIS funded plantations, Plantations, Trees and greenhouse, Uses for Eucalyptus nitens, Riparian areas.

spring 2007

Winter 2007 (PDF 894.48KB)

Contents:  When do I need a forest practices plan, Forest practices plan fees, The 2006/2007 Targeted Protection of High Priority Terrestrial and Riparian Vegetation project overview, Converting plantation and regrowth thinnings into firewood the easy way, Private Property Plantations in the landscape in Tasmania.

Winter 2007

Autumn 2007 (PDF 757.83KB)

Contents:  Forest and climate change, Plantations and water, Wood - using it wisely, Forestry and the need for balance, Is there enough wood for a pulp mill ?

autumn 2007

Summer 2007 (PDF 1.84KB)

Contents:  Adding value to our land, Externally funded projects, Addressing salinity management in Tasmania, Sustainable farm forestry management for production and conservation, Targeted protection of high priority terrestrial and riparian vegetation, Private Timber Reserves - a uniquely Tasmanian idea, Forestry rights provide a valuable option to landowners.

summer 2007

Spring 2006 (PDF 1.22MB)

Contents:  Forestry - an important part of the rural landscape, Appropriate technologies for small-scale forest harvesting operations in Tasmania, Brian Baxter - Greenside Pipers River, John Shoobridge - Cleveland Ouse, Roderic O'Connor - Connorville Cressy, Richard Boland - Nara Park Highclere, Increasing plantation cut coming from private forests, Review of the State Policy on the Protection of Agricultural Land.

spring 2006

Winter 2006 (PDF 862.66KB)

Contents:  Focus on people, The right people for the job, Marking the passing of a true farm forester pioneer, Tasmanian tree ferns, A usefule guide, the View from above.

winter 2006

Autumn 2006 (PDF 1.6MB)

Contents:  Technology improves sawlog data collection, Forestry - based on good science New opportunities emerging, Silvicultural systems revisited, Good science and management - the way forward, the LIST, IRIS, GTSpot and Conserve, The HewSaw - appropriate technology, EcoAsh, New mulching machines for Tasmania, Farm forestry information sheets.

autumn 2006

Summer 2006 (PDF 1.05MB)

Contents:  Plantations delivering positive outcomes, How much does a plantation cost to establish, Plantations and their water use, Managing information improves plantations, How do you prove you have pruned properly, Doing a good job with the mound plough, Staff changes at PFT, Satellite imagery and electronic mapping

summer 2006

Spring 2005 (PDF 1.03MB)

Contents:  Trees can help with saline land, What are my trees worth, 2004-2005 Harvest summary, Private property wood flow estimates, Production and conservation on the farm, Forest practices plan fees, When do I need a plan, New farm forestry project.

spring 2005