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Tasmanian Forest Manager’s Good Neighbour Protocol

The Tasmanian Forest Manager’s Good Neighbour Protocol was launched on 3rd May 2019.

Good Neighbour Protocol {PDF}

If you would like to engage in relation to the land management practices of a subscriber to the Good Neighbour Protocol, then please contact the landowner or forest manager conducting the activity through their contacts listed below.

Neighbours may also contact the following, who may be able to provide additional information:

Private Forests Tasmania (PFT)Ph (03) 6336 5300Email admin@pft.tas.gov.au
Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network (TFFPN)Ph 0419 302 777Email therese@tffpn.com.au
The following Tasmanian Forest Managers subscribe to the Good Neighbour Protocol:
Forest ManagerPhoneEmail
Sustainable Timber Tasmania(03) 6169 2800stakeholder@sttas.com.au
Forico Pty Limited(03) 6335 5201forico@forico.com.au
SFM Forest Products(03) 622 335 36lchappell@sfmes.com.au
Pentarch Forestry(03) 64 307 333w.denny@pentarch.com.au
Timberlands Pacific Pty Ltd(03) 6345 3200enquiries@tppl.com.au
PF Olsen (Aus) Pty Ltd(03) 6348 4400janette.bartels@pfolsen.com   
Norske Skog Paper Mills (Australia) Ltd(03) 6261 0184arnold.willems@norskeskog.com
Reliance Forest Fibre(03) 6382 3499admin@relianceff.com.au
AKS Forest Solutions Pty Ltd0419 573 205tony@aksforestsolutions.com.au
AKS Forest Management Services Pty Ltd0419 363 506gary@aksfms.com.au
The protocol is endorsed by

Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network (TFFPN)
Private Forests Tasmania (PFT)
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA)
Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT)


A review of the Good Neighbour Protocol against its stated objectives is planned to be conducted 12 months after its launch.  The review will involve consultation and stakeholder feedback and is scheduled for May 2020.