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Dinner with the Stars - West Virginia University, USA

Two of USA's leading forest extension specialists visited Tasmania in October 2015 and attended a casual evening with Private Forests Tasmania, Institute of Foresters Australia and Australian Forest Growers members to share their experience and knowledge, and to gain an insight into private forestry in Tasmania.

Ben Spong, Associate Professor of Wood Science and Technology and Forest Operations Extension Specialist and Dave McGill, Forest Resources Professor and Extension Specialist, both of the University of West Virginia, USA.

Ben is a specialist in forest operations, roads, harvesting and technology whereas Dave specialises in non-industrial private forest owners preferences and behaviours, cross boundary co-operation, outreach and forest regeneration.

You can view both Ben and Dave's presentations on the Woodlands of West Virginia and West Viriginia Forestry at the below links. (Higher Resolution copies are available on request.  Please email tracey.king@pft.tas.gov.au)