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Calling for new Directory listings NOW

Should you wish to be listed in the next edition of the Directory of Tasmanian Forestry Services, please complete relevant forms below by 31st July and return to admin@pft.tas.gov.au or post to Private Forests Tasmania, PO Box 180, KINGS MEADOWS TAS 7249.

Directory of Tasmanian Forestry Services 2020

Version 10 - May 2020

This directory was first introduced in 2012 as a Primary Wood Processor Directory with its primary intent to help private forest owners identify potential buyers for their logs and also assist primary wood processors in sourcing logs from the Tasmanian private forest estate.

In 2020, after consultation, we have expanded the Directory to include a listing of additional forest services to better assist and facilitate commercial forest management in the private forestry sector.  This directory has been re-named the 'Directory of Tasmanian Forestry Services' (The Directory).

The Directory lists forestry service providers over a range of categories and also primary wood processing businesses.  Inclusion in this Directory is with written consent and permission only.  Not all service providers or processors have provided consent and are therefore not listed.  It is hoped that over time, more will see the benefit of participating in this service.  There is no charge to be listed in the Directory.

For additional information, or to be included within this directory, please contact Tracey on Ph 6477 7389 or email tracey.king@pft.tas.gov.au

Selling Wood from Private Forests

Advice for the landowner on selling wood from your plantations

Marketing and Harvesting small volumes of minor species and high value timbers from private forests

The harvesting and marketing of small volumes of minor species and high value timbers from Private Forests can often be difficult. The mainstream timber processors are used to dealing with the major commercial timbers and are usually not equipped for, or prepared to purchase specialty timbers or smaller volumes of wood. Therefore, unlike sales of large volumes of major commercial timbers, more specialised marketing is required to sell these timbers

The following publication is primarily concerned with the marketing and harvesting of minor species. However, the processes described can equally be used to market and harvest small volumes of high value major commercial timbers, such as pruned Radiata pine or veneer grade eucalypts, to ensure maximum returns to the grower.