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Forest Certification

What is Forest Certification?

Forest Certification includes Forest Management Certification and Chain of Custody Certification.  There are several certification options available to Tasmanian private forest growers and while all industrially managed forests are certified, only small areas of non-industrially managed private forests (NIPF) are certified.  There are certification options available to NIPF owners that PFT promotes, and PFT is supporting the development of a group certification option not yet widely available in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Primary Wood Processors: 2012 Chain of Custody Certification Survey

Prepared by Ian Ravenwood, Private Forests Tasmania - January 2013

Forest certification of Tasmania's private forests

Exploring the understanding and intent of Tasmanian non-industrial private forest growers towards the adoption of forest certification. Report prepared for Private Forests Tasmania by Dr Melanie (Lain) Dare and Dr Robyn Eversole - November 2012

Certification Systems and the Forest Practices Code

Certification systems and the Forest Practices Code by Ann La Sala was first published in the December 2012 issue of Forest Practices News (Volume 11 Number 3).  Outside the forest industry there is often confusion about the Tasmanian forest practices system and forest certification to the extent that some erroneously believe they are one and the same.  This technical article is pitched at Forest Practices Officers and other foresters who read FPN, so assumes the reader has implicit knowledge that they are different but complementary.  That did not need explaining to her primary audience, many who already work in forest management certified forests.  However, Ann’s timely explanation of how the Tasmanian forest practices system supports certification will help others with less intimate knowledge of forestry to understand the relationship between the two.

PFT thanks the Forest Practices Authority for making a reprint of the article available and providing permission to republish it on our website.