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Field Day Notes

Private Forests Tasmania conducts topical field days for landholders, forest managers, forest owners, industry representatives, consultants and others.  These days showcase innovation in private forestry and best management practices. Visitors and hosts enjoy learning from each other by sharing  their  experiences  and  knowledge.

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Please see links below for previous field day notes.

'Money does grow on trees' Field Day - Epping Forest, Campbell Town, Lake Leake (North), 3rd April 2019

A combined agency field day visiting three successful tree farming properties in the North of the State.  'Woork' at Epping Forest, View Point at Campbell Town and 'Lake Leake' at Lake Leake.

Money does grow on trees field day notes - 3 April 2019 (PDF 6.5MB)

Money does grow on trees SUMMARY

'Invest in trees for your future' Field Day - Milabena, (North West), 29th March 2019

A field day hosted by Private Forests Tasmania and the North West Tree Growers Group.  Two properties were visited to hear about a very successful radiata pine harvest and to learn about planting trees for numerous benefits and special species plantings.

Invest in trees for your future Field day notes - 29th March 2019 (PDF 8MB)

Invest in trees for your future SUMMARY (PDF 1.4MB)

Northern Agroforestry Field Day - 'Formosa', Cressy (North), 22 August 2018

Trees can shelter paddocks for up to 20 tree heights reducing evaporation, limiting low temperatures and increasing air humidity which increases crop growth.  Well planted shelterbelts are shown to increase Tasmanian pasture yield by 15% in the spring and autumn.

Northern Agroforestry Field Day Notes - 22 August 2018 (PDF 6.2MB)

Northern Agroforestry Field Day SUMMARY (PDF 159KB)

Southern Agroforestry Field Day - 'Mt Vernon', Kempton and 'York House', York Plains (South) - 29 August 2018

Increases in crop growth and animal protection can more than offset crop losses from areas occupied by trees providing financial returns to the landowner long before trees are harvested.

Southern Agroforestry Field Day Notes - 29 August 2018 (PDF 8MB)

Southern Agroforestry Field Day SUMMARY (PDF 162KB)

The Business of Trees on farms - production and biodiversity.  'Forest Vale and 'Formosa' properties, Cressy (North), 7th September 2017

Over 40 landowners and industry representatives attended a field day held at 'Forest Vale' and 'Formosa' properties on 7th September 2017.

Forestry and Farming - The Perfect Fit!  Poltock property, Wilmot (North West), 28 April 2017

Over 85 forest owners and industry representatives attended a field day held at Roger and Outhay Poltock's property in Wilmot in April 2017.  For over 30 years, the Poltocks have grown, managed and harvested 50 hectares of trees on their 170ha property.  They have integrated commercial  and native trees into their beef farming enterprise to increase pasture and livestock production, diversify income and achieve a sustainable land use.  View notes from the field day below.

North West Tree Growers Field Day - Wynyard/Milabena (North West), 25 February 2017

Private Forests Tasmania were proud supporters of a field day held by the North West Tree Growers Group at Wynwood Sawmill and the Freeman property.  The field day focused on Eucalyptus nitens milling and drying trials, and special species management.  For additional information  on  the NW Tree Growers Group, please contact Ian Chalk, Ph 0419 337 355.

Australian Forest Growers Conference - Launceston, 23-26 October 2016

Private Forests Tasmania was the principal sponsor of the Australian Forest Growers Biennial National Conference 2016.

Plantations in South Eastern Tasmania Field Day - Runnymede (South)
27th November 2015

Plantation and Native Forest Management Field Day - Preolenna (North West)
13th November 2015

Discuss taking over ex Management Investment Scheme (MIS) plantations, owning and managing your own eucalypt, pine plantations or native forest, maximising the value of your plantations and native forest.

Plantation Management and Native Forest Field Day - Bracknell and Blackwood Creek (North)
17th April 2015

Native forest, E. nitens and P. radiata plantation management options on two private properties in the North of the State.

Agroforestry at Work - Radiata Pine Agroforest for Timber Production and Shelter - TIA Vegetable Research Facility, Forthside (North West)
12 November 2014

How radiata pine can be established and managed to grow high quality, high value wood and provide shelter for agriculture.

Trees for Shelter, Timber and Profit (North)
28th February 2014

Profitable tree growing options on farms to improve land use and increase both agricultural productivity and profit primarily through shelter for stock and timber production

Willow Bend Farm Field Day (South)
8th December 2012

Growing trees in riparian areas to improve water quality, shelter, biodiversity and timber production.
A field day for farmers, foresters and land-use managers

Cressy Farm Trees Field Day (North)
28th June 2012

The changing face of vegetation management in the Cressy district. Biodiversity plantings, remnant native forests, pine plantations and tree clearing, together with irrigation developments, dominate the landscape.  Trees provide habitat for insects, birds and animals, shelter  for  stock  and  crops, timber, carbon offsets, erosion and salinity control, and a more pleasant working environment.

Bonde Pastoral Field Day (North West)
29th March 2012

The Values of Trees on Your Farm. A sustainable and profitable tree farming, cropping and livestock enterprise situated on the north west coast.

'Ark Rest' O'Neil Field Day (North West)
4th March 2010

Topics include harvesting and volume returns, blackwood trial, olive production, future ventures and maximising land use.