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Shelter improves Lucerne yield (Case Study 3)

Round bales of Lucerne hay were dropped in a paddock in the lee and outside lee of trees.  Yields were estimated to have increased by up to 300% due to reduced wind speeds.  Read more at the link below.

Planting trees in the harsh Midlands provides much needed shelter (Case Study 2)

The Burbury family recognised the benefits of trees to their farming enterprise many years ago.  Read more at the link below

Strategic tree planting to restore eroded gullies and improve farm productivity (Case Study 1)

Chris and Guiliana White have planted trees on their property, 'Willowbend', in the Huon Valley to improve farm productivity and biodiversity as well as produce timber.  Read more at the link below.

Agroforestry at Work - Radiata Pine Agroforest for Timber Production and Shelter - Forthside (NW)

How radiata pine can be established and managed to grow high quality, high value wood and provide shelter for agriculture.

Other Agroforestry Publications

Basalt to Bay - The Economic Benefits of Native Shelter Belts

The protection of existing native vegetation and the planting of shelter belts may provide a multitude of productivity and biodiversity benefits for farming industries.  The value of shelter belts in raising agricultural productivity has been demonstrated in many countries suggesting potential  improvements  in crop yields (25%), pasture yields (20-30%) and dairy milk production (10-20%).

View the Basalt to Bay Report by clicking the link below or visit their website www.basalttobay.org.au