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Webinar recording available

A guide to buying plantation species seedlings

On the 2nd of September, Private Forest Tasmania (PFT) hosted another virtual webinar in response to stakeholder feedback to ensure continued communications with stakeholders during the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

The Webinar recording and presentation documents are now available for viewing here.

The Webinar, hosted by PFT and delivered by Kelsey Joyce, Tree Breeding Manager at Forico delves into plantation establishment, tree breeding, how seed orchards are managed, along with simplifying: breeding values, trials, economic weights, royalties and non-propagation etc. This webinar will be sure to provide information which will help assist you with your next purchase of plantation seed or seedlings.

The webinar recording is available below for viewing. Webinar commences at 2 minutes, 8 seconds and has a duration of 1 hour 2 minutes.

Kelsey Joyce has provided a PDF version of the presentation which can be downloaded below.

PDF Presentation - A guide to buying plantation species seedlings (PDF 7.6MB)

View Webinar Recording - A guide to buying plantation species seedlings