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The current situation for private forestry - 15 April

An overview of the current situation for private forestry in Tasmania as at 15 April 2020.

NW Tasmania: Forestry supply chains are still flowing but some individual forest workers have been impacted by quarantine restrictions.

Whole log exports:

* Whole log exports continue to destinations including China and Malaysia.

* Both volumes and prices are recovering from recent lows with increased demand and improved prices.

* Stocks on Chinese ports have begun to reduce as China returns to work.

* With the closure of other key suppliers, such as New Zealand, it is expected that Australian demand should improve.

Woodchip Exports:

* Woodchip exports continue, albeit at reduced prices, as the Chinese pulp and paper manufacturing sector recovers.

* Companies with forward contracts report strong demand at satisfactory price levels.

* Companies without forward contracts suggest the market is patchy but the outlook appears positive albeit with lower price levels than early 2019.

Processing Facility Closures:

* Neville Smith Forest Products closed their Southwood mill on 23 March.  It is understood that the closure will be reviewed at the end of April.

* Ta Ann Tasmania temporarily closed both their Southwood and Smithton mills on 25 March until mid April.

Forest Contractors:

* Contractors working in the private plantation sector are still operating without significant disruptions to operations being reported.

* Sustainable Timber Tasmania has advised its southern native forest contractors are operating but are keeping delivery quotas under review.

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