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Tasmanian Forest Safety Code Review Update

In December 2019 PFT sought quotations from a number of consultants to perform the Tasmanian Forest Safety Code Review.  The five quotes received were subjected to a screening process by a selection sub-committee of the Safety Code Review Steering Committee taking into consideration price, experience, previous performance, capability, conformity with the requirements of the Request for Quotation process and relevant PFT policies. Consequently, the selection sub-committee was pleased to make a recommendation to the Steering Committee that PF Olsen (Aus) Pty Limited was the preferred consultant.  PF Olsen have now been appointed as the successful consultant for the Forest Safety Code Review.


The intended scope of the revised Code of Practice is built on the scope of the Forest Safety Code (Tasmania) 2007 with the following changes:

  • Remove current materials that are now included within the draft Forest Log Haulage Code of Practice.
  • Remove materials associated with quarry management and firefighting.
  • Verify applicability of sections associated with tree blasting and other issues raised by the Tasmanian Forest Industry Work Health and Safety Committee and stakeholders participating in the Code review forum held on 21 June 2019.

New material is required to address the following:

  • use of drones,
  • ATV usage,
  • vermin control,
  • use of tethered machines on steep slopes,
  • production of forest products within forest areas,
  • material on worker fatigue and other factors likely to impair decision making, and
  • clarification of the relationships between this document and other relevant legislation and Codes of practice.

The Code format will be modernised to make it consistent with other adopted Safe Work Australia Codes of Practice and the document will be written so that it will be relevant for forestry operations of all scales, including farm forestry.


PF Olsen Australia will adopt a 3 staged approach to fulfilling the requirements of the project brief. The stages are:

  • Stage 1 – Confirm scope and draft structure of the exposure draft amended Code.
  • Stage 2 – Consult and prepare initial Code.
  • Stage 3 – Consult and finalise Code and recommendations to the Minister.

The project timeline addresses the challenges posed by the COVID-19 related travel and work restrictions which will not materially impact the costs of the project, the main impact likely to be a requirement to conduct stakeholder feedback sessions using remote meeting technology.

Project Team

The PF Olsen Australia project team will be led by David Bennett who will be supported by an experienced team of timber industry safety experts, regulatory Code development experts and a senior Tasmanian forest manager.  PF Olsen Australia has proven capability and experience in developing guidance documentation and industry standard for Australia’s forest industries’ Codes. The project team have collectively drafted several codes of practice and regulations as well as conducting operational risk assessments for large and small forestry industry participants.


PFT has agreed to fund the gap between industry contributions and the total cost of the code review.  Industry contributors to the funding pool include:

  • Forico Pty Ltd
  • Sustainable Timber Tasmania
  • SFM Environmental Solutions P/L
  • Forest Industries Association of Tasmania

To view this update in PDF format please CLICK HERE

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