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When Should I revoke my Private Timber Reserve

In recent years there has been a significant increase in Private Timber Reserve (PTR) revocations where, as part of a harvesting operation, some landowners are requested by a forestry company, or other entities, to revoke the PTR declared on the land.

In these circumstances, even though the PTR may have been a requirement of a previous contract, once declared, it belongs with the land title, i.e. the landowner.

Therefore, a decision/application to revoke, can only be made by the landowner who should be fully aware of the consequences of revoking, or retaining their land as a PTR.

Private Forests Tasmania have put together an information sheet to help landowners determine their options. PTR Revocation Information (PDF 384KB)

Private Forests Tasmania staff may be able to explore a range of options with you.  Please contact us on 6777 2720 or email admin@pft.tas.gov.au