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PFT Welcomes Stephen Clarke

PFT welcomes Stephen Clarke to our team.

Having recently accepted an appointment to the role of Senior Private Forest Advisor effective 29 April 2019, I take this opportunity to introduce myself.  Having interacted with many of you during the 18 years I have been involved in various aspects of the Tasmanian forestry industry, I look forward to ongoing cordial and productive engagement with you towards our common goal.

I’m a Zimbabwean born professional Forester (BScFor (Stell) MBA MIFA RPF) with broad experience and recognised skill in project and operations management of industrial plantations in Southern Africa, New Zealand and Tasmania at supervisory and middle-management level in challenging and complex environments.  During my career I have gained considerable experience and expertise in integrated management systems and certification, tactical and operational planning, logistics, industrial engineering, nursery, establishment, maintenance, harvesting, transport, fire protection, natural ecosystem maintenance and enhancement, general estate management and security.  This rather dreary litany provides but a glimmering of the rich experiences my career as a forester in Southern Africa, the New Zealand Wairarapa and North West Tasmania has provided me.  A wise man once said, "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now" and I take great satisfaction in our ancient and noble profession, concerned not primarily with trees, but with how trees can serve people.

Based in North West Tasmania, my role within PFT is to develop, lead and undertake activities, programs and projects to facilitate and promote the growth in extent and value of the private forest estate and its efficient and cost effective management, consistent with sound forest and land management practice and regulatory controls, and this, of course, in close liaison with landowners, forest growers, forest managers, investors and other private forestry stakeholders.  As part of the PFT team I will work creatively with you to identify opportunities and roadblocks for improvement, work out and resolve what is wrong and take care in making decisions or choices that will impact the Tasmanian community of which we are a part.

I will be in attendance at the PFT site at AGFEST (Site 104, First Avenue) all day on Friday and Saturday 3-4 May and cordially invite you to introduce yourself in person and failing that to avail yourself of my contact details below.



Stephen Clarke | Senior Private Forest Advisor
Private Forests Tasmania
State Growth Offices, The Harris Building, Level 2, 49 Cattley Street, BURNIE TAS 7320 | PO Box 68, Burnie TAS 7320
Phone: (03) 6477 7076 | Mobile: 0409 959 021
Email stephen.clarke@pft.tas.gov.au