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Levy rebate available for 2019 wildfire affected private forest growers

Private Forests Tasmania will assist private forest growers affected by the 2019 wildfires by providing a rebate for the private forest service levy (the levy), where the levy has been paid following timber harvesting operations in 2019 fire impacted forest areas.

Private Forests Tasmania assess payment of a rebate when requested by a landowner, for part or all of the levy collected for 2019 bushfire affected areas of a certified Forest Practice Plan (FPP).

PFT has a legal requirement to collect the levy following certification of a FPP.  However, if the plan is approved, the levy rebate will be paid to the landowner once the levy has been paid in full.

The amount of levy rebate will be determined by the CEO of PFT depending on the severity of impact of the 2019 fires on the area harvested and will be capped at the value of the levy collected for that operation.

Private forest growers will be able to apply for the levy rebate for timber harvesting operations completed in 2019.

Should you wish to apply for the levy rebate, please provide a letter outlining your circumstances to PFT via email at admin@pft.tas.gov.au or post to Chief Executive Officer, Private Forests Tasmania, 30 Patrick St, Hobart TAS 7000.

For further information on assistance for private forest growers following the recent wildfires, please contact Private Forests Tasmania on 6165 4073.