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Grant Funding still available for Farmers and Landowners

Expressions of interest close on June 30 for the Integrated Farm Forestry Demonstration Sites Program. There has been strong interest in the program across Tasmania. With just one week to go, we encourage farmers and private landowners to submit an expression of interest.

If you require advice or support in preparing your application, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of Private Forest Advisors on the Helpline 1300 661 009. We have been out meeting farmers on site to explore the options and we’re excited about the prospects!

Wide interest attracted so far

Expression of Interest Guidelines for the Integrated Farm Forestry Demonstration Sites Program were published in early May 2020.  The Program has attracted wide interest from across the State and numerous quality applications are anticipated from a wide range of primary producers including dairy, livestock, mixed farming, cropping and vegetable enterprises by the time the process closes on 30 June 2020.  PFT eagerly anticipates the establishment of several best-practice enterprise-scale demonstration plantings in partnership with innovative enterprises and their advisors in Spring 2021 building confidence, knowledge, awareness and capability within the agricultural sector around the integration of trees into agricultural landscapes for both ecological and financial returns.

Regions that are underrepresented

Whilst there is good representation of Tasmanian agricultural enterprises, at the time of writing a region that is underrepresented is the far north west area of the State in areas where “hump and hollow” drainage is practiced or where extensive clearing of vegetation has occurred in the past and more recently.

What is the Assessment Panel looking for?

The assessment panel will be judging applications on the capacity for the project to meet the program objectives i.e. demonstrating the economic benefits from wood resource at harvest; increased productive capacity on farm (through sheltering effects, reduced water loss, increased livestock fecundity, increased crop yields); environmental benefits from increased carbon capture, enhanced biodiversity, reduced water loss/soil erosion, and amenity benefits from trees integrated into the landscape. Projects (a combination of shelterbelts and woodlots) over 20ha in area would be preferred, and consideration will be given to projects which extend across farm boundaries.  Successful sites will need to be accessed for research purposes and promotion through field days and case studies. Preference will be for applications which represent good value for money including activities that incorporate co-investment of funds and in-kind resources (e.g. labour, expertise, equipment).

Access the EOI documentation HERE.