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Good Neighbour Protocol Review

Forests – both native forests and plantations – form an integral part of the Tasmanian landscape, enjoyed by all Tasmanians. As custodians of these forests, managing them as a sustainable, renewable resource, Forest Managers understand that the way they manage our forests can impact our neighbours and the Tasmanian Forest Manager’s Good Neighbour Protocol provides a framework for neighbouring landholders to manage shared responsibilities.

Forest Manager’s recognise that proactive management of issues of shared concern, including: fire mitigation, invasive weed species, threatened species, habitat management, boundary fence maintenance on private land, unauthorised access, property security and the management of natural and cultural values, is best achieved in consultation with neighbours and local communities, addressed at the local level and implemented co-operatively across the landscape.

The Good Neighbour Protocol was launched on 3rd May 2019 and a review of the Protocol, involving consultation and stakeholder feedback, against its stated objectives was planned to be conducted 12 months after its launch.

Establishing and maintaining open, positive and respectful two-way relationships with neighbours and local communities is a priority for forest managers subscribing to the Protocol, and therefore we’d really like to find out how you feel about it and invite you to take this short 2 minute survey.

Survey closes 5:00pm, Friday 31st July 2020.

CLICK HERE to complete the survey.

For additional information on the Tasmanian Forest Manager's Good Neighbour Protocol please CLICK HERE.