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Field Day Notes Available

Notes from the North West Tree Growers Field Day held on Saturday 25th February at Wynwood Sawmill and the Freeman property are now available for download.  Please select the 'read more' option for a summary of the event.

On Saturday 25 February 2017, 35 forest owners met at the Wynwood Sawmill, Wynyard to hear owner/sawmiller Ian Smith explain how he has milled and dried plantation grown Eucalyptus nitens for manufacture into beams for potential use in the building industry. Many were members of the North West Tree Growers Group - largely private landowners who are keen to manage their plantations and native forests to grow wood to meet market requirements, achieve high prices and explore new opportunities for new timber products.

Ian Smith has successfully milled and dried two batches of E. nitens logs to evaluate sawn recovery of clear wood from both the pruned butt logs and knotty second and third logs. The sawn boards were dried in a solar kiln and provided to a local manufacturer who has made beams using combinations of plantation pine and eucalypt and Tasmanian  Oak.  These ‘hybrid’ beams are being tested by a University for their suitability for use in the building industry.

The day included a tour of the mill and solar kiln and in the afternoon a visit to Graham Freemans’ well managed plantations of coastal redwood and radiata pine where plantation management and market opportunities for special species were discussed.  The field day notes, on the PFT site, describe Grahams’ farm forestry activities.  

The field day was facilitated by Private Forests Tasmania.   PFT and the North West Tree Growers very much appreciate the opportunity to visit the Wynwood sawmill and the Freeman property at Milbena.

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