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Evan Rolley appointed Chair of Board

We are pleased to announce that the Minister for Resources has appointed Mr Evan Rolley as a Director and Chair of the PFT Board, as a member representing industrial forest growers.

Evan is an experienced private tree grower and farmer in the Huon Valley who has more than 40 years’ experience in the broader forestry sector.  He helped in shaping the establishment of Private Forests Tasmania and was Commissioner for Private Forests in the formative years.

Evan is the former Chief Forest Practices Officer, Chief Commissioner for Forests and Managing Director of Forestry Tasmania.  In more recent years, Evan has been active in the private sector with a strong focus on research, innovation and markets for products.

Meeting the demands of emerging wood markets, innovation and research to lift productivity are areas that Evan sees as key to the future growth of Tasmania’s private forest growers.