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Directory of Forest Service Providers

Private Forests Tasmania is expanding its directory to include a listing of additional forest services such as Nurseries, Suppliers, Equipment providers, Contractors, Insurers and much more.  Please contact our office if you would like to be included.

Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) works to facilitate and expand the development of the private forest resource in Tasmania which includes a statutory function to provide assistance and advice on forest management for commercial purposes on private land.

A Directory of Primary Wood Processors was developed in 2012 assisting both forest owners and wood processors looking to sell or source logs from the Tasmanian private forest estate.  CLICK HERE to view this directory.

Private Forests Tasmania is expanding its directory to include a listing of additional forest services available to better assist and facilitate commercial forest management in the private forestry sector and seek your interest in being included. The expanded directory is being developed in response to feedback PFT has received from private forest owners and forestry enterprises within the forestry supply chain.

In addition to processors and forest management companies, the updated directory will also include a listing of the following services and providers:

  • Primary Processors
  • Forest Management Services
  • Timber Brokers
  • Nurseries
  • Industrial Forest Growers
  • Suppliers (chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides, fencing materials etc.)
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Carbon Project Managers
  • Plantation Insurance
  • Forest Practices Officers
  • PTR Part B Officers
  • Silvicultural Contractors
  • Harvesting & Haulage Contractors
  • Agricultural Contractors.

Should you wish to be included in this complimentary publication, please complete the  ‘Private Forestry Directory Inclusion Form 2019’ and return to admin@pft.tas.gov.au by Friday 26th July, 2019.

Please contact Tracey King on 6477 7389 should you require any additional information.

If you represent a business not represented by these headings please suggest a new heading and PFT will consider it.

Please feel free to share this request with those who may choose to be included.