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Coronavirus - impacts on forestry and agricultural businesses

If your business is impacted by the coronavirus you are encouraged to contact Business Tasmania Hotline on 1800 440 026.

This will allow Business Tasmania to discuss available support, and contact as further support packages become available. It will also assist Business Tasmania to understand the scale of the impact on business.  This factsheet also provides a list of dedicated hotlines for other matters (eg health concerns).

The Business Tasmania website is also being updated regularly as new information comes to hand.  Please CLICK HERE to visit.

In addition, Tasmania's forestry contractors can also apply for funding to improve their business practices under the Forestry Contractor Resilience Program.  Forestry harvest and haulage contractors have the opportunity to work with specialists in business and financial management to identify future opportunities and build stability and resilience into their operations.  The Program's guidelines and application form are available from Rural Business Tasmania website.  CLICK HERE or by phone 1300 88 3276 for more information.

Also available is a checklist for businesses to be prepared for influenza pandemic which is useful for considering business continuity.  CLICK HERE for additional information.