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Can I claim a tax deduction?

Update... In addition to their 'Establishing Shelterbelts on land' fact sheet, The Australian Tax Office has released a new handout explaining the income tax consequences of engaging in forestry operations, including your entitlements to claim income tax deductions for the costs of acquiring, establishing or maintaining forest plantations often referred to as 'tree farming'.

This fact sheet applies to farmers who may also be engaged in other primary production activities on their land, such as dairy farming.  CLICK HERE to view 'Income and expenses from tree farming/forestry operations'.


Establishing shelterbelts on land used in a primary production business - Can I claim a tax deduction?

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has released a fact sheet to explain your entitlement to claim an income tax deduction for the cost of establishing shelterbelts on land used for a primary production business.  

The one page fact sheet is hosted at http://www.basalttobay.org.au/publications

The ATO, in conjunction with the host, is monitoring the number times this information is accessed.