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Building and protecting Tasmania's forestry sector

The Tasmanian Government recognises that forestry is a cornerstone of our economy and has a key role to play in our plan to rebuild a stronger Tasmania.

Our key production and export sectors including forestry, agriculture, renewable energy, mining and minerals have never been more important. These key industries provide thousands of jobs, inject billions into the Tasmanian economy and supports rural and regional communities.

The Government has been facilitating industry round tables and working with key industry stakeholders and businesses to respond to the immediate challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, with a focus on identifying challenges and ensuring we can continue to produce and export Tasmanian products.

Despite the extraordinary challenge of COVID-19, the forestry industry has proactively adapted to continue working. Having adopted appropriate social distancing and good hygiene practices, the forestry industry is a very good example of businesses and people making adjustments so they can continue to work safely during this time.

As we all face the extraordinary challenge of COVID-19, the Tasmanian Government is committed to protecting and building the Forestry sector and supporting the Tasmanian communities and families that rely on it.

To support Tasmanian businesses and communities during this time, the Tasmanian Government announced our second round support package, which sits alongside the Federal Government package.

Key support measures include relief for electricity and TasWater bills and freezing Government fees for eligible businesses. There are also millions in small business grants and loans available to eligible businesses.

For specific information on business support grants and loans, please refer to the Business Tasmania website www.business.tas.gov.au or call them direct on 1800 440 026.  Information on the Federally, you can access information at www.business.gov.au

Aurora and TasWater have also implemented assistance schemes and information is available on their websites.

I encourage everyone to look out for each other, be considerate and be kind. Stay at home unless you need to go out for work, essential supplies, exercise or you’re caring for someone.

For more information, please contact my office.

As a long-time advocate of the Forestry Industry, I will continue to work on your behalf and represent the sector, including continuing to work closely with the Federal Government.

Hon Guy Barnett MP
Minister for Primary Industries and Water
Minister for Energy
Minister for Resources