Leaves Silhouette

Australian Agroforestry through French eyes

This farm forestry video commissioned by SMARTimbers, with funding and support from Private Forests Tasmania (PFT), Farm Forest Growers Victoria (FFGV) and Australian Forest Growers (AFG) is now accessible on You Tube.

The content is a collation of short clips of leading farm forestry practitioners in eastern Australia, showing almost all of the many benefits of planting trees on farms, including value of wood and non-wood products, shelter and land value.

They were extracted from a far larger amount of material collected over 5-months by two French tertiary agriculture students in 2016, who were undertaking a project on what aspects of Australian agroforestry could be adopted in France in order to help France meet its GHG abatement targets.

Click here to view the video  https://youtu.be/wqujm_MsZlU