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HELPLINE for Forest Owners

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Free call: 1300 661 009

Free Private Forests Helpline

We recently surveyed Tasmanian Farmers to find out what their current information needs are - what we discovered was there is a great diversity in your needs right now!  Some private landowners say they are more likely to plant trees in the next 12 months, others are more likely to harvest, and some are unlikely to do anything with trees.  To assist you we have established the free Private Forests Helpline.

Our Forest Advisors can help with market information, finding suppliers, and all things trees.  Free call: 1300 661 009


Mr Rob Smith
Private Forest Advisor
Ph:  (03) 6165 4073  Mobile:  0418 550 209
Email:  rob.smith@pft.tas.gov.au

North & North West

Mr Stephen Clarke
Senior Private Forest Advisor
Ph: (03) 6477 7076  Mobile:  0409 959 021
Email:  stephen.clarke@pft.tas.gov.au