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Integrated Farm Forestry Demonstration Sites Program - FUNDING ALLOCATED

Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) called for expressions of interest from Tasmanian primary producers to join the Integrated Farm Forestry Demonstration Sites Program (closed 30th June 2020).   The Program, led by PFT, involved co-investment from PFT, primary producers and federal government grant funding (Smart Farming Grant) to develop best practice forestry plantings in Tasmania.

Applications were received from 17 farms across Tasmania, which were assessed against twenty selection criteria.

Successful applicants receive assistance totaling over $600,000 for activities that establish significant farm scale best practice integration of shelterbelts and woodlots into the agricultural landscape; and demonstrate the multiple benefits of trees on farms.

The successful applicants are dispersed throughout Tasmania and across the sites there is a 50/50 mix of shelterbelts and woodlots and a range of species including Radiata Pine, Blackwood, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Nitens and other mixed species.

Planting will commence in later winter/spring 2021 and the trees will be integrated into farming enterprises that currently include prime lamb, wool, grass seed, cereal grains, forestry aquaculture, dairy, beef, cropping, seed growing and potential horticultural crops.

Private Forests Tasmania are pleased to announce and congratulate the following landowners on their successful applications.

* Logan Pty Ltd, Evandale

* Fulham Pty Ltd, Dunalley

* Gunningham Farms Pty Ltd, Montumana

* Kenilworth, Campbell Town

* Winton, Campbell Town

* The Back Run, Ellendale

* Quamby Plains and Chester, Westwood