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Private Forests Act 1994    

The objectives and functions of Private Forests Tasmania are set out in the Private Forests Act 1994. The objective of Private Forests Tasmania is to facilitate      and expand the development of the private forest resource in Tasmania in a manner which is consistent with sound forest land management practice.    

Without limiting this objective, the Private Forests Act 1994
sets out the following objectives:

(a) to promote the development of private forestry in Tasmania;
(b) to foster competitive markets for private forest growers;
(c) to provide strategic planning and policy direction for private forestry in Tasmania;
(d) to foster progressive and incremental funding from all private forest growers to fund the Authority;
(e) to foster commercial wood production forestry on private land in Tasmania; and
(f) to foster the use and values of trees in sustainable land management.    

The functions of Private Forests Tasmania are set out in s.6 of the
Private Forests Act 1994 and are as follows:

(a) to advise the Minister on all matters relating to private forestry;
(b) to provide assistance and advice on forest management for commercial purposes and on the use of trees for sustainable land management;
(c) to process applications      for private timber reserves under the Forest Practices Act 1985 pursuant      to a delegation from the Forest Practices Authority under that Act;
(d) to promote opportunities for more competitive markets for private forest owners;
(e) to advise, assist and facilitate the private forest sector in the development of commercial infrastructure;
(f) to maintain and update an inventory of private forests, prepare five-yearly reviews of private forests and report on compliance with export and other licence conditions as required by any agreement entered into between the State and the Commonwealth;
(g) to      provide advice and assistance to the Forest Practices Authority for implementation of the Forest Practices Act 1985 on private forest lands;
(h) to provide co-ordinated input on behalf of private forest growers on land use issues;
(i) to promote private forestry research and education;
(j) to examine      matters relating to the conservation of flora, fauna, land forms, cultural heritage and care of the environment on private forest lands;
(k) to encourage non-commercial forestry on private land including strategic planning and appropriate technical and policy development;
(l) to develop plans to deliver funding for private forestry programmes from private forest owners;
(m) to perform such other functions as are imposed on it by this or any other Act.    

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