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Request for filming permission

International film crew seeking potential industry partners for filming of harvesting process and operations in Tasmania.


Austrian film maker Nikolaus Geyrhalter assumes most people have no idea where the resources they use daily come from, or how they are acquired.  Earth’s bounty is all around us, from the clay in your coffee cup to the silica sands and timber frames in your windows. Whether for everyday goods or intricate specialist components, almost everything has begun its journey in the earth. As part of this process the film maker wants to tell the story of timber, where it comes from, and how we harvest it.

Our website describes the project:
We use the earth’s fruit every day in our lives.

We pick them up, dig them, drill them.

We map and measure them, draw their limits, and think about new ways to explore them.

We build on her and in her, often through her. We live by what grows on it and bury our dead in it.

It seems invulnerable, indestructible.

Looking at our globe as an organism, the earth's crust with its thickness of just 40 km is by far the most delicate organ.

EARTH - A cinematic observation

The film is a critical essay, creating the opportunity for viewers and consumers to think about our relationship to the surface of the earth, and how much we benefit from it. The film will present a realistic observation of how we extract resources from the earth’s surface.  We do not use any music nor have a running narration. The pictures speak for themselves.

The team will be composed of 3-4 people: film director, one camera assistant, sound engineer and myself, if required. We would like to film for a few days in October if it fitted with your program, but we are flexible.

Nikolaus Geyrhalter, (the film maker), has worked in mining and construction sites for years now. He is very aware of all security measures that may be in place as well as the need to adhere to all occupational health and safety requirements. More examples of his work can be seen at: www.geyrhalterfilm.com

I very happy to answer any questions you may have, or to organise a skype appointment direct with the filmmaker, at your convenience.

What are we asking?

We are asking PFT to assist in identifying potential industry partners who would be interested in having an international film crew film the harvesting process, and where possible, to interview machinery operators and foresters.

We would like to film the sustainable harvesting of native forests and plantation timbers. We are interested in filming hardwoods and softwoods.  We would like to film the industrial machinery harvesting the timber.


This is an observational film essay.  We would like to film how a coup is cleared, how the big machinery works efficiently through an area, cutting, capping, debarking and turning the raw product into woodchip or ready for milling. We are interested in watching the 30-40-ton harvesters at work.  We would like to speak with machine operators and other professionals about their work.

We are a small film team of 4 people; film director, one camera assistant, sound engineer and myself. We are accustomed to working on construction and mining sites. We are very respectful of any occupational, health and security issues.

The finished product will be shown at international Arthouse festivals and movie theatres in Europe, and the Americas.

We would like to commence filming as soon as is convenient for all parties. We expect filming to take 3-4 days at each location if possible.  Our filming schedule is totally dependent upon fitting in with seamlessly with your operation.

Examples of previous work can be found at www.geyrhalterfilm.com or https://www.google.com.au/search?q=nikolaus+geyrhalter&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGm_OezqHWAhXFJ5QKHd3VAPoQ_AUICigB&biw=1227&bih=723

Information on this project can be seen at: http://www.geyrhalterfilm.com/erde

Our aim is to fit into your existing program as seamlessly as possible.  If the opportunity came to film these machines in action, we would be extremely grateful. Big machines are the focus for the mining operations we are filming elsewhere.

This film is to be considered a piece of art.  The finished product will be shown across the globe in international film festivals.

Thank you for considering our request. I look forward to hearing from you.


Bill Zammit
The Talent Team (NT)
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GPO Box 4407, Darwin, NT, 0801
Ph: 0408 741 795
Email: Bill@TalentTeam.com.au

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